USB Flash Drive Manufacturers

Swivel Series-U232
Krystal Series-U913
Bracelet Series-U407
Card-shaped Series-U605
Swivel Series-U267
Key-shaped Series-U602
Jingtai Integrated Circuits Co., Ltd is USB Flash Drive Manufacturers and OEM USB flash drive 3.0 suppliers. Our main business includes storage chip packaging, SSD mass production and SMT chip processing, etc. SMT precision can be as small as 01005, and we have experience in mounting CMOS sensors on FPC soft boards. Our wholesale USB drive pass ISO9001, At present, our company's monthly packaging capacity can reach 6KK (million), module 3 ~ 4KK. Our main products include: SSD, USB flash disk, TF card and general flash memory storage, etc. The products are widely used in high-tech industries such as computers, communications, home appliances, set-top boxes and IT digital.

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Krystaic is a semiconductor company serving the global semiconductor packaging, testing and manufacturing services. For a long time, we have insisted on technological innovation, focusing on the research and development of advanced semiconductor process technology and the assembly of end products.

With more than 15 years of industry experience and a professional R&D team, Krystaic is actively involved in domestic substitution and the development and manufacture of Cintron's independently controllable products. At the same time, we cooperate closely with domestic and foreign suppliers and introduces advanced equipments from Japan. While enhancing product functions and reducing costs, we are committed to providing global customers with safe and reliable solutions, reasonable prices, efficient and fast semiconductor testing and manufacturing services. We have through ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI, CE and other system certifications. Our company is a high-tech company that attaches great importance to quality, research, development, technology and humanistic spirit.

Krystaic has accumulated 15 years of experience in the storage industry and has long been committed to developing and manufacturing automatic control products to replace imports. It is the only manufacturer in Taizhou that can produce storage product modules. Our main business includes memory chip assembling, SSD mass production and SMT chip processing,etc. SMT accuracy can be as low as 01005. We have experience in installing CMOS sensors on FPC soft boards. At present, the monthly assembling capacity of our company can reach 6kk (million), and the module is 3 ~ 4kk. Our main products include USB flash disk, solid state drive, Micro SD card, general flash memory, etc. Our products are widely used in computer, communication, home appliances, set-top box, it digital and other high-tech industries.