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Krystaic is a semiconductor company serving the global semiconductor packaging, testing and manufacturing services. For a long time, we have insisted on technological innovation, focusing on the research and development of advanced semiconductor process technology and the assembly of end products.

With more than 15 years of industry experience and a professional R&D team, Krystaic is actively involved in domestic substitution and the development and manufacture of Cintron's independently controllable products. At the same time, we cooperate closely with domestic and foreign suppliers and introduces advanced equipments from Japan. While enhancing product functions and reducing costs, we are committed to providing global customers with safe and reliable solutions, reasonable prices, efficient and fast semiconductor testing and manufacturing services. We have through ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI, CE and other system certifications. Our company is a high-tech company that attaches great importance to quality, research, development, technology and humanistic spirit.

Krystaic has accumulated 15 years of experience in the storage industry and has long been committed to developing and manufacturing automatic control products to replace imports. It is the only manufacturer in Taizhou that can produce storage product modules. Our main business includes memory chip assembling, SSD mass production and SMT chip processing,etc. SMT accuracy can be as low as 01005. We have experience in installing CMOS sensors on FPC soft boards. At present, the monthly assembling capacity of our company can reach 6kk (million), and the module is 3 ~ 4kk. Our main products include USB flash disk, solid state drive, Micro SD card, general flash memory, etc. Our products are widely used in computer, communication, home appliances, set-top box, it digital and other high-tech industries.

Of Experience

SMT accuracy down to


Monthly assembling capacity


Monthly module capacity

Why Choose Us



We have 15 years of industry experience, a professional production team, and long-term cooperation with professional solution companies.


Cost and Efficiency

We have four own processing plants with high production efficiency, high quality and reasonable price.



Our Quality Control Department use advanced testing equipments to ensure high quality mass production.



We produce SSD, BGA132, TF, UDP and other products, which can meet the packaging and assembly needs of customers of various types for particles.


Production Capacity

Our current monthly packaging capacity can reach 6KK (million) and module can reach 3 to 4KK, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchasing volume.



Our professional sales and R&D team will provide you with reasonable solutions.

Our Team

We have formed a professional team in the field of semiconductor at home and abroad, including 18 people with master's degree or above and 7 senior technical engineers.

Process Engineer

He engaged in the semiconductor assembling & testing industry for more than 20 years as for a senior Sr-PE supervisor. He has been worked for a semiconductor company in Japan and a leading domestic memory chip company. He proficients in the process system of various types of semiconductor assembling & testing processes, with complete process integration capabilities and rich quality management capabilities to provide with optimized process solutions.

Assembling Engineer

He has 20+ years in semiconductor manufacturing industry as for a senior manager who worked for a semiconductor company and a material company in Japan.  He has professional semiconductor assembling & testing production management skills and rich management experience. He participates in the company's production strategy planning, and can meet customer needs as the ultimate goal, supervise, guide. He also coordinates the balanced production of assembling & testing processes. 

Product Manager

With 23+ years in the semiconductor assembling & testing industry, he is an excellent production-oriented enterprise manager. He used to be the technical director of a semiconductor company in Japan. He has rich experience in the semiconductor industry and extensive industry contacts. He has comprehensive resource integration capabilities in terms of system, technology, management, operation, etc.. During his career in the field of semiconductor technology, he was committed to optimizing production models.

Equipment Engineer

He engaged in the semiconductor assembling industry for 11 years. He is a senior equipment maintenance engineer in the WB & SMT department of a assembling & testing electronics company in Shanghai. He is proficient in various types of models in the WB and SMT department, who has rich data analysis and solution capabilities for the semiconductor WB process.

History of Development

  • 2005

    Established Hong Kong company

  • 2006

    Became the largest TSOP packaging and testing facility in Shenzhen

  • 2007

    Established DIE Sorting department; became the second largest DIE testing factory in Shenzhen

  • 2009

    Signed a contract with RAMOS foundry, a subsidiary of Samsung Semiconductor

  • 2011

    Awarded RAMOS global best supplier

  • 2014

    Awarded the national high-tech enterprise

  • 2016

    Passed Apple MFI certification

  • 2017

    Established packaging plant and started production of TF, UDP and other memory chips

  • 2019

    Expanded the business from BGA memory chip packaging to finished SSD module production
  • 2020

    Breakthrough in stacked DIE technology, mass production of stacked DIE package chips
  • 2021

    Become the vice chairman unit of Zhejiang associating for IOT industry


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    Deliver the goods to the buyer's address within 30 days after receiving the payment.

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    Our company adheres to the principle of customer centricity and guarantees the security of all information entered by our customers on our website.

  • Refund Policy

    The buyers can return the goods within seven days if find any quality problems after receiving them. The seller would refund the the order amount if the goods are well received.